Shubie doo wop 

This past weekend was the inaugural Shubie Classic 5k. This race deserved all the hype that we heard leading up! It was a very well organized, fun, chip-timed race, complete with cookies, prizes and a finisher medal. The course was hilly (no matter what way you go in Shubie, it always is), and although the organizers had to change it last-minute due to icy trail conditions, the race went off without a hitch.

I was nursing a chest cold last week and was quite worried about whether I would get to run on Saturday. Since I get pretty bad FOMO as it is, off I went on Saturday morning, bundled and ready. I did not set any lofty goals for this self-proclaimed “fun run”, since I know how hilly Shubie is, plus feeling under the weather and icy conditions, my expectations weren’t high. I went in thinking that it would be nice to beat my previous Shubie time (although it was a different course), but not to sweat it and just have fun.

 Since the race used ankle chips, the organizers asked runners to arrive two hours early, which we all felt was overkill, and it was. However, there was a heated building on site (with real plumbing!) which gave me a chance to catch up with some running buddies who I have not seen in a while!

I think the best part of this entire race was the DJ Tom Fleming! Getting pumped up before the race was really fun, as was the celebration afterwards.

I set out on the course, legs feeling great but lungs not so much. I don’t think I’ve ever had to focus on maintaining my breathing more than this race, since the last thing my lungs wanted me to do was run. Nevertheless, the recent hill training nights while mentoring Team Myles are definitely paying off! It felt great to charge the hills and not lose too much of my pace on them. The kms flew by quickly and I found myself at the 3k mark with lots of energy left, so I picked up my pace on the way back to the finish.

Until….the dreaded hill. In the last kilometer of the course was this unreal hill, long and steep. I set my sights on a point at the top and tried my best. At some point, I think I was still running but not quite moving forward! I stopped to walk the rest, and checked my shoulder to see my friend Catriona give me the evil “I hate this hill” eye. Good thing I was not alone!

Into the finish I go, received by some friends who finished just minutes before me. The buzz at the finish line was mostly about that hill, which made me feel better about my performance. I finished at 34:03, which was actually pretty respectable (and 2.5 mins faster than previous) considering the circumstances.

This race will for sure go on my “must-do” list. I’m getting pretty antsy for warmer weather and to totally blow my goals out of the water this season. Next up, MEC Race Two: Citadel Highlander.

Stay tuned!

Till next time, I’m Better in the Long Run.