Sixteen accomplishments in 2016

What. A. Year. To Summarize, here are some of my accomplishments:

Taking a leap of faith

I started 2016 with a cliché goal to get healthier. Like everyone, I thought I would go to the gym more, eat a lot of salad and make this the year that I finally lost those extra lbs I was carrying around. Given it did not work for the 5+ previous years I tried it, I’m not sure what I thought would change in 2016.

Then, while aimlessly scrolling through twitter, I saw it: “@bnmarathon Applications for Team Myles 2016 are due next week! Apply now to become an ambassador.”

I contemplated for a couple of days, feeling like a complete poser thinking about being an ambassador for The lazy, overweight version of myself? No way. I read through previous team member’s blogs, then decided to take a huge leap of faith and apply. When I got the email that I had been accepted, my first thought was “No way..I’m over it. Running in the Blue Nose this year would be terrifying”. A day went by and I had myself convinced. If I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to train with a group, fully supported by trainers, physiotherapists and other sponsors, when would I ever do it?

Becoming a runner

Team Myles was IMG_0427 (1)12 weeks of busy evenings and weekends – on the trail, in the gym, wherever I was I was trying to prepare for Blue Nose in some way. My partner forgot what I looked like. I ate, slept, went to work, and did Team Myles training. Although it is all a blur now, those were some of the best times. Week to week I felt myself getting stronger – and there is nothing more powerful than doing something that you know you couldn’t do the week before. I became a runner in those weeks, sharing my journey through blogging as I went. I ran the 10k continuously (albeit slowly), and crossed the finish line with a new outlook.


Training with a team


What a great opportunity it was to meet so many awesome people, all with different motivators but with a common goal: To get off our butts and run 10 kilometers in May. They saw me through some pretty tough times, and some of the best times of my life. I met people that I know will be lifelong friends, and we have continued to run together, and race together all year.

Eating healthier

I have to admit, this area was hit or miss for me in 2016. During team myles training I did really well – eating to fuel my training. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could eat if I was running and working out a lot haha! Like everybody, I fall off the bandwagon and eat chocolate, ice cream, and cookies every once in a while. Since I really enjoy eating, and happiness also matters, I learned to find a balance by portioning and being cognizant about what my meals are really doing for me.

Starting my own blog

I’ve always loved writing. During Team Myles I blogged weekly about what the team was up to and my progress toward running 10k. After receiving so much love and feedback from friends, I decided that I wasn’t finished blogging at the end of the training, and Better in the Long Run was born.

I started this blog and its social media accounts (@betterlongrun) so that I could relate to regular, non-athletic people who are just trying to make positive changes for themselves. I wanted to show that you don’t have to be gifted with a long lean body and natural ability to hammer out a 5k in 25 minutes without breaking a sweat. I wanted to show that anybody can do it if they are honest with themselves, and willing to give it a try.

Flipping a tireIMG_0919

Flipping a tire is one of those things that you think only super heroes can do. After signing up to train with Devin at 360fit in preparation for Mud Hero this year, I felt really strong. Devin’s OCR training was probably the most intense type of workout I have ever done – however, if you ask me what my favorite workouts are, I’d also name the same ones.  Devin had us running, push-uping, burpeeing, squatting, but also the coveted tire-flipping. Nothing feels more badass.


Doing a real push-up

Actually 3 in a row! 😛

2016-07-09 | 2016 Mud Hero Halifax

Doing an OCR

On January 1 2016, if you would have told me that I’d be doing Mud Hero only 5 months later, I would have turned the bus around. In my mind, Mud Hero was for people who were strong, confident, and epically fit. However, onto the bandwagon I jumped while training at 360fit. Climbing, crawling, wading through hip-deep heavy mud, laughing all the way.

A  bunch of racesimg_2396!


Losing 40lbs

Although I tend to lean toward non-scale victories (or #NSVs) to measure progress, I do have to acknowledge the numeric changes here too. When I pick up two 20lb dumbbells I am flabbergasted that I used to carry that around all the time. No wonder I felt like absolute crap.img_3236

Joining a run club

My running buddy Catriona introduced me to the BLT Runners. This is a group of runners that is inclusive of all levels, who get together regularly to run. I’ve really enjoyed getting out with BLT Runners when I can. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to goal-setting, training, and racing.

Being featured

In November I was featured by SeeCourtRun! It was so great to chat with somebody so like-minded, and I was flattered by the opportunity to be featured on her blog.


Everything from fitting into goal jeans, buying smaller clothes, wearing out a pair of running shoes, completing new distances, doing a real push-up for the first time, non-scale victories really are the bees-knees, and a great way to celebrate success.

Personal Bests

Here they are!

5k: 31.53.

10k: 1:08.02


img_2245Lifetime Race Registrations

Maritime Race Weekend is a super duper fun double race weekend, and one of the awesome perks to participating are the prizes! My friend Jody and I posed for a photo at kit pickup and it helped us win LIFETIME registrations 😀 . Thanks to everyone who helped us earn the most facebook likes!

Giving myself a break

It’s been quite the transformational year. In November and December I took a break from running consistently to focus on spending time with my little family, getting my life organized and resting my joints and muscles for the 2017 year ahead. Although I did take it a little too far (I didn’t plan on a full hiatus), I’m craving the chance to get back out there in 2017!

Till next time, I’m Better In The Long Run.


4 thoughts on “Sixteen accomplishments in 2016

  1. Great job….taking that first leap of faith sure has opened so many doors for you. I am looking forward to you (possibly) going for that half in 2017. It is the most exciting, scary, and empowering feeling you can have!!

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