I came, I saw, I got tired and fell off track.

I’ve got to be completely honest with (myself) you. I know how crazy I sound when I write out my training schedule each week. I know that most people think: “Holy crap. How does she have time for that? How does she have energy for that?”. Well guess what? I don’t but I do it anyway.

Big time marathon runners, successful bloggers and other sponsored fitness gurus have been able to make a career out of their training. This leaves more time to get better, more money to hire trainers, and hence, they get better. They’re the 1%. I however am among the rest of us who is fighting against life stuff in order to get my training in. This makes it super easy to give up. It also makes it really easy to burn out.

This past week I was on vacation. As you may have read in last week’s blog post, I was pretty optimistic about how the week was going to go training-wise. What happened was a little bit different. Sort of like those times that you go, go, go, and then stop, and its not until you stop that you realize how exhausted you really are.

SO, to be honest with (myself) you, this is how my week ACTUALLY went:

  • Monday evening: 6k Run, felt great
  • Tuesday morning: The most intense boot camp I’ve attended in a really long time.
  • Tuesday Afternoon: Physio, complete with a running assessment, and an order not to run more than 5k until we figure out what’s wrong with my butt/lower back. Disappointment. Leanne (my PT) said I looked like a sad puppy, and told me that if I’m going to miss runs with my friends because of it then I’m allowed to run longer than that if I don’t push my pace (merci). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Wednesday: No workout. Lots of foods. Crash, burn. SO MANY DOMS. Like, cant walk kind of doms.
  • Thursday: Still not walking like an average human. More food. Brownie sundae. Life things.
  • Friday: Running bug, took the 5k limit as a challenge, pushed my pace and earned a PB. (not the right approach I admit)
  • Saturday: Feeling guilty, “relaxing”
  • Sunday: Boot Camp at a more reasonable pace.

My favorite running blogger, Run, Selfie, Repeat did a Q&A this week for her BQ or Bust vlog, and she answered my question: “How do you bounce back from a period of time that you’ve gone off-track with training?”. And, what Kelly gave me was a reality check: everyone falls off-track. The best way to counter this is to plan for it. Work in rests (different than rest days..actual periods of time to rest, she gets a whole week!!) into your training program.

This obviously requires organization, forward thinking and patience. I find it difficult to take off days when I have a race coming up. However, seeing as I’m 6 weeks out from Maritime Race Weekend and am falling off my training schedule means this break was going to have to happen, planned or unplanned, and if I had been realistic and planned for a rest during my vacation (seems logical in retrospect), I wouldn’t have felt far less guilty. 

Also of note, the only thing my break did (terrible food aside) was allow me to recouperate, re-think, and build up a craving for running again, earning me a PB and a run that made me feel like a million bucks. What it didn’t do was cause me to gain 33lbs back, get weaker or forget how to run. 

New challenge: Take off my cape. Breathe. Learn my lesson. 

I’m #BetterInTheLongRun. โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ