Of all the paths you take, make sure some of them are dirt.

How is it already almost August?! I’ve been trucking away at my training, between work and other responsibilities, and I have to admit, being this busy really causes time to go by quickly. I am so excited for my fall races: Maritime Race Weekend Tartan Twosome 5k and 10k on September 16th & 17th, and the newest addition to my list, Valley Harvest Marathon 10k on October 9th. I lived in the valley while I did my undergrad, and it really holds a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to take part in the event, since I used to go watch my friends do it but never thought I’d be the one running. Bring it on!

These past cIMG_1649 (1)ouple weeks have had some highs and lows. I’ve generally been more tired lately, but I have been keeping my training goals nonetheless. I’ve been running every Monday with the BLT Runners, a fantastic group open to runners of all levels of experience, who meets regularly to run together. I’ve loved meeting everybody and am excited about what I can learn from such an experienced bunch! I’ve also done some hill training and runs on my own, which I’m growing quite fond of (ok, as fond as you can be about running..lets be serious). Finally I’ve been doing lots of boot camps at 360fit, and feeling stronger each week.


I should also mention, a big highlight of the past couple weeks was taking part in Halifax Pride Parade with the Blue Nose Marathon! Dancing, sinIMG_1624ging, dancing some more, high-fiving people all the way through the parade route was an absolute blast!  I was honored to represent the Blue Nose in another form
as Team Myles Alumni, and proud to help spread the word that EVERYONE is welcome at the Blue Nose! This is so true – and I can attest to that.

Another extremely new experience for me was a form of physiotherapy called dry needling. Yes, its as gross as it sounds. Don’t google that. I’m glad I didn’t know much about it before it happened to me. My glute has been acting up, and although getting a few needles in IN THE BUTT kind of sucked at the time, it seems to have completely taken the pain away, and got me back in my running shoes in 24 hrs. YAY!

Since the last blog post I’ve reoriented my goals. Since successfully meeting my first weight related goal, I’ve decided to shift my focus to a running related goal. Of course I’d like to continue to eat well and lose weight, but I’ve realized that IMG_1636 (1)the number on the scale is the only measure that nobody sees. It’s really not that important, and isn’t a great indication of the changes that are taking place.  SO, the new goal at the top of the totem pole is to run a sub 1 hour 10k. I don’t think I’ll do it this year, but I do think it’s realistic and attainable (S.M.A.R.T. goals amiright?).

Its going to take some work. I’m generally a slower runner, and although I’m extremely proud to be able to run 10k at all, this is an exciting goal for me. I’ve been researching different ways to improve pace – and you would NOT believe how much info there is out there! Also, the words! Have you ever heard of the word FARTLEK? (you’re allowed to laugh, we’re all 7 years old here). I’ve got my learning goggles on, so if you have tips, please send them my way!

This week I’m on vacation, and to be completely honest I’m not that worried about falling off the wagon. I’m excited to run and work out when I want to, relax because I deserve it (truly this year…), and keep on keepin’ on with my new goals in mind.

Till next time!


Mud, Sweat, and Happy Tears

Well folks, that was quite the week! I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve updated, so this may be a bit of a long one. I’ve been training, losing, running, obstacle course conquering, and crossing stuff off my bucket list! Loving every minute!

Mud Hero

After completing the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) training at 360fit, our team headed out to conquer Mud Hero, in Windsor NS, and oh my goodness was it fun! Some of us did it for time, but my gym buddy Jody and I decided that our goal was to finish it and to have fun. I’m happy to say that I did every single obstacle!! Many were scary and high-up but I felt strong and could trust myself that I had the strength and ability to get through it. As I was going through, I couldn’t believe how 2016-07-09 | 2016 Mud Hero Halifaxstrong I felt. A lot of the physical strength I’ve gained over the past few months has only been really tested in the gym until now.  I struggled with the “Ropes and Slopes” obstacle on the way down, and used the rope to slide instead of repel, but I still did it. We ran most of the 6k of trails (unless we were slipping too much in the mud), and finished with great big grins on our faces. Count down for next year is on!19766-a28eb0-27140547.jpg

Run for the Lobster 10k

After the longest shower of my life and an extremely restful sleep, a few Team Myles Alum and I drove out in the other direction on Sunday, to Pictou NS, to take part in the 40th Annual Run for the Lobsterput on by the Johnny Miles race series. Although I felt completely ridiculous attempting to run a 10k the day after mud hero, I thought I’d give it a shot, IMG_1438because road trips with these ladies are always a blast! I also purchased a new Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS watch to help with my training, and was dying to try it out on an actual race route. (Verdict: I’m in love).

The 10k course was through the little town and along the waterfront, and was just 2 laps of the 5k course, so I figured if I felt terrible in the first 5k I could cross the finish line after my first lap and call it a race. Catriona and I found our stride quickly, and I found myself counting down the kilometers with no issues. The weather was perfect: Overcast with light drizzle and 13 degreIMG_1444es. By the time we got to the 3-4k mark there was no question that I’d complete the 10k – I felt great!

I was super duper glad I had my new Garmin because I ACHIEVED A PERSONAL BEST. I honestly did not set out with the intention of pushing myself, but once I got going and felt good, I did. The course was friendly with very few hills, conditions were great, and when I checked my time around the 8k mark I knew I was way ahead of where I was at this point during the Blue Nose 10k. In the last 2k I pushed pretty hard, because I could not wait to find out what my new PB would be. 1:12:19! (previous PB: 1:17) Stoked!IMG_1436.JPG

A Weighty Achievement 

This journey has never been about the numbers on the scale. I like to measure using “non-scale victories”, or #NSV as we call it on social media. These are the achievements related to the fact that you’re losing weight, changing your lifestyle, etc., but are not to do with your actual weight. When people ask me what keeps me going during those lovely weight loss plateaus, I always say that the number on the scale is the only thing that other people can’t see regarding your weight loss.

That being said, I do need to acknowledge that I achieved something huge this week. When I started this journey, my goal was to be the same weight I was before completing my Masters degree. This week, my scale read that weight. I’ve lost 33lbs in the past year, 23 of which have been since March 2016. I’m so glad to have finally gotten here, and although I’ve lost this weight I have also gained so much more than that. 

What’s my next goal? I want to focus now on bettering my run pace so that I can beat my PB in September at Maritime Race Weekend. I would like to eventually (maybe not this year) attempt a sub 1hr 10k. I’d like to see a few more lbs go away but more importantly, I want to keep working toward my lifestyle goals, because the scale usually follows suit anyway.

Keep on checking out @betterlongrun on twitter & instagram for updates throughout the week! Till next time 🙂